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  • Do my students have to take examinations?
    No your students do not have to. All of courses are designed to allow teachers to still use our content. This will help the progression and more than anything provide creativity and focus.
  • If my students wish to take an exam can they?
    Of course they can. We welcome anyone from across the globe to participate in examinations.
  • Do you support special needs?
    Of course we do, on the entry forms for examinations there is a special requirment form. We welcome everyone.
  • Where are exams held?
    With the current climate exams are held via zoom for Acting and Musical Theatre. For TV presenting all exams are sent via video due to the nature of the examinations. If you have students that are really shy and do not wish to do live videos we accept pre recorded videos. Everyone should be able to do something they love.
  • What is the outlay of the exams?
    The syllabus covers: Warm up - Demonstration Content - The pieces - performance Conversation - with the examiner Technique - understanding and showing to the examiner
  • Does the teachers need to be accredited with Theatric Awards to access the syllabus?
    Yes! We provide fully CPD accredited qualification on all of our courses, even the extended workshop courses.
  • As a teacher what do I gain?
    Depending on the genre you choose, you will gain huge amount of content as well as a CPD qualification, certificate and access to Theatric Awards. The best thing is to click here for more information.
  • Can I teach the exams as a class and individually?
    You can teach the examinations however you wish to. A lot of teachers will incorporate the examination syllabus into their classes. This is fully covered in the teachers course. There are so many wonderful options for you.
  • If I only choose one genre can I get access to the others?
    Sadly not. You will have to participate in all seperate genre courses.
  • Are your courses face to face?
    We find that the best courses for all is zoom. After doing a huge survey the majority of teachers found this the best and most cost effective way. There will be some face to face training.
  • What If I already have qualifications?
    We still would require you take the course. There is a lot of content to go through, and we really would love to provide your students with the very best of techniques and understanding of delivery.
  • Is there a membership fee?
    No, we only charge you for the CPD teachers course and the examinations students take.
  • How often will you update your syllabus?
    Yearly is the answer! Sometimes some things may not need changing, but we may feel we wish to add or take away to make things more current. As teachers you will have plenty of notice if and when this happens.
  • How do international students take exams?
    We are holding Zoom live and pre recorded examinations.
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