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Discover the Art of Triple Threat: Musical Theatre at Theatric Awards
Welcome to the world of Musical Theatre at Theatric Awards, where students embark on a transformative journey to become true triple threats. Our course isn't just about learning separate skills – it's about integrating singing, acting, and dancing in a dynamic and creative way.
A Holistic Approach to Triple Threat
In the world of performance, being a triple threat is a coveted skill set. At Theatric Awards, we go beyond teaching isolated skills. Our curriculum is designed to immerse students and teachers in a diverse and creative experience that combines singing, acting, and dancing seamlessly. We believe that these skills are interconnected, and our approach reflects the real-world demands of the industry.
Integration from Day One
From the very first day of the course, we focus on how singing, acting, and dancing can be woven together harmoniously. Rather than viewing these aspects as separate entities, we emphasise their integration. Acting through song and creating movement that complements the music are key components of our curriculum. We empower students to grasp the importance of merging these skills to create captivating performances that resonate with audiences.
Celebrating Individuality: Your Unique Exam Pieces
At Theatric Awards, we celebrate diversity and individuality. Our approach ensures that no two exam pieces are alike. We encourage students to take ownership of their work, infusing their unique style and personality into their performances. This not only enhances their artistic expression but also boosts confidence and self-assuredness.
Empowering Confidence Through Ownership
There's incredible value in presenting work that students truly own. When students connect with their performances on a personal level, it cultivates a sense of ownership that resonates deeply. This ownership leads to increased confidence, an essential quality for any performer. Our approach is tried, tested, and proven to boost self-assurance, empowering students to shine on stage and beyond.
Crafted for Excellence: Original Music and Content
To ensure an authentic and enriching experience, we've specifically crafted music, songs, and content for Theatric Awards. Our curriculum is designed to push boundaries, ignite creativity, and challenge students to reach new heights in their musical theatre journey. With meticulously written music and content, we provide a foundation that allows students to flourish and excel.
Join the Musical Theatre Revolution
At Theatric Awards, we're passionate about nurturing the next generation of musical theatre artists. We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, creativity, and empowerment. Become a true triple threat and embrace the magic of musical theatre like never before. With Theatric Awards, the stage is set for you to shine.
Specifically written music, songs, and content for Theatric Awards
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3 
Grade 4
Grade 5
Opal Award
Diamond Award 
Crystal Award
Solo regulated
Duo non regulated
Group non regulated


Warm up's - includes resources
Acting Technique - Character work
Vocal technique - mp3 tracks 
Dance technique  - Videos included
Improvisation - Book provided
Dance routines - Videos provided 
Music Theory



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