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Welcome to Theatric Awards: Elevating the Theatrical Exam Experience

At Theatric Awards, we've reimagined the traditional exam process to be a transformative and inspiring journey. Our goal is to make this experience more than just an exam – it's an opportunity for both students and teachers to embark on a journey of preparation and exploration, leading to personal growth and excellence in the world of modern theatre.


Embracing the Evolution of Theatrics

Modern theatrics have undergone remarkable transformations in recent years. Recognizing this change, Theatric Awards introduces a revolutionary perspective on contemporary theatre exams. We're committed to establishing a platform that not only measures performance but also nurtures creativity and innovation. Our approach enables students to showcase their true potential and achieve their personal best.

Empowering Educators for Success

In an industry that's constantly evolving, educators play a pivotal role in guiding aspiring theatre enthusiasts. Theatric Awards understands the needs of teachers and is dedicated to offering them unwavering support and guidance. We're committed to updating our resources regularly to provide educators with the latest insights from the world of theatrics. With our comprehensive resources, teachers will receive:

- Exam Content: Well-structured and relevant exam materials for each discipline.
- Warm-up Book: A collection of effective warm-up exercises to prepare students physically and mentally.
- Technique Book: In-depth exploration of theatrical techniques, enhancing students' skills and understanding.
- Teacher Resource Book: A valuable guide to help teachers navigate through the learning process effectively.
- Exam Outcomes: Clear guidelines on what to expect from the exam and how to evaluate students' performance.
- Lesson Plan Outlines: Thoughtfully designed lesson plans to streamline the teaching process.
- Student Certificates: Recognize students' achievements with official certificates upon successful completion.
- Progression Charts: Visualize students' growth and progress as they advance through their theatrical journey.
- Original Monologues: Inspiring monologues crafted by the renowned Jacky Rom, enhancing students' acting repertoire.
- TV Presenting Book: Authored by Brian Naylor, this book equips students with skills to excel in TV presenting.
- "Unlock the Improvisation": Maria Marra's guidebook to unleash the power of improvisation in students' performances.

Practicality and Exploration at the Core

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to emphasise hands-on learning. Through practical exercises and engaging workshops, students can delve into the dynamics of their chosen discipline. This approach encourages experiential learning, making both learning and practicality top priorities even before the exam.

At Theatric Awards, we're not just about exams – we're about fostering a passion for theatrics, nurturing talents, and guiding students and educators toward excellence. Join us in this transformative journey where each step is a celebration of creativity, growth, and achievement.

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