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This experience has been designed to be more than just an exam. The preparation and exploration of each discipline will be an uplifting process for both students and teachers. We believe that modern theatrics have changed unmeasurably in the last few years and Theatric Awards offers a revolutionary yet much-needed slant on modern theatre exams. It establishes the most effective platform for students to achieve their personal best.

In an ever-changing industry, teachers need to be provided with direction and support. To ensure that our teachers have the resources needed at their disposal to provide a streamlined learning experience, we will constantly be updating their content to provide you with the latest in the world of theatrics. For each discipline, theatre coaches will be provided with the following:

  • Exam Content

  • Warm-up book

  • Technique book

  • Teacher resource book

  • The exam outcomes

  • Lesson plan outlines

  • Certificates for students

  • Progression charts for students

  • Monologues written by Jacky Rom

  • TV Presenting book written by Brian Naylor

  • "Unlock the improvisation" written by Maria Marra

Our course is riddled with practical exercises and workshops so that the dynamics of the study can be explored, and lessons can be learned. This allows students to make learning and practicality a priority before the exam.

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