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The on-camera acting course is designed and crafted to provide students the tools of what it takes to be an  actor. A hands-on teaching approach allows students to learn within a practical setting and experience the  requirements and demands of the working actor in today’s film and television industry.  The course covers a range of acting techniques, voice production, creative and critical thinking, including  scene study, recording digital format and editing and Cinematic history. 

Students will learn the process of acting on-camera through technical application and creativity; students  will produce and submit a compilation of work in digital format.


The course teaches students about  overcoming challenges during the actor’s process to find their unique self-discoveries through a rich  selection of playwrights and script exploration. This course is creative in a disciplined way and supports the  actors to make independent choices from internal character development and scene work to find the  actor’s authentic acting range. 

The on-camera acting course introduces students to self-taping. Students will learn to implement self taping and identify various camera styles and techniques (including the standard way to upload an online  submission for an audition) which is the new post pandemic format requirement and design to  accommodate social distancing learning, online instruction as well as in-studio. 


Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3 
Grade 4
Grade 5
Opal Award
Diamond Award 
Crystal Award
Solo - regulated
Group - non regulated



Script work 

Sight reading 


Warm up 


Creative writing 

Camera work 

Self tape 

Acting theorists

Content insight:

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