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The Awards

Theatric exams are kept up-to-date for theatrical students, and we actively encourage you to make use of your student's talents. Each grade is led by the clearly defined tasks in the exam content book as well as all the support books that the teacher obtains.

No two exams need to be the same, and self-expression can be promoted by setting students the task to choreograph and stage their own performance. We firmly believe that students are the best judges of their skills, and they deserve the time to develop their technique further. Once students have completed the practical element of the exam, there will be an informal conversation with the examiner. The purpose of this is to encourage students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of their discipline. The tone of this conversation is completely conversational and is aimed to act as an informal means of examination.

What the students gain?​

Students are at the forefront of this course. We don't consider exams to be a priority. We fully support and encourage students who don't feel ready to take an exam by making it optional. 

The syllabus has been devised to facilitate a personal journey for each student to immerse themselves in. The decision to take any exam is a mutual decision between the teacher, student, and parents.

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